Meet the Banks Electrical team

Banks Electrical - Keeping Perth Families and Businesses Safe

Founded by Director and lead sparky Adam Banks in 2012, Banks Electrical is proud to take care of an extensive range of electrical needs for Perth families and businesses with their residential and commercial electrical solutions.

The Banks Electrical team consists of trades professionals who pride themselves on quality and safety.

All our electrical work is backed by the Banks Electrical guarantee. We guarantee all electrical work is carried out by a qualified Electrician. While this may sound like it should always be the case, sadly it isn’t.

In addition we guarantee the work meets all electrical standards and regulations as deemed by Australian law. In the event that there is an issue with any work carried out by a Banks Electrical team member, we will visit the site and address the issues as quickly as possible at no additional cost if the issue is deemed to be as a result of the work we completed. The materials we used are guaranteed under manufacturers warranties.

It might be a big task to stand out in a crowded industry – let’s face it, everyone knows an electrician – but we are determined as a team to work with our customers and clients to deliver the best quality experience. We are open to learning and dedicated to staying ahead of the electrical game by keeping up to date with the latest industry trends.

One of our greatest assets is the extensive team of building and construction professionals we work with and we can often be found collaborating with plumbers, builders, carpenters, painters and other trades industries.

Need something sorted at home or in your office? Give Adam and the team a call and we’ll do what we can to provide the best possible solution for you.

Call Adam on 0499 576 100

What makes Banks Electrical different?

Extensive Industry Experience

Our 15+ years of electrical experience means we are efficient in our approach. You aren't dealing with a junior who has had limited experience and is struggling to find the fault that needs fixing. We draw on our expertise to ensure you get the solution you need as quickly as possible


Every member of the Banks Electrical team will show up to your home or premises and you'll easily be able to identify them. They'll be in branded uniforms and be polite and courteous with everyone they interact with.

Clean Workspace

We pride ourselves on leaving the space we have worked in as clean and tidy as it was when we first started work. Often our clients tell us the area is cleaner than it was before!

Client Communication

We are aware of the bad wrap many of our competitors receive because they don't show up when they say they will and they don't let you know.

The Banks Electrical team will let you know ahead of time that they are on the way to your job by sending a text message.

We understand this is very important to you, particularly if we are running late because we have been dealing with unforeseen issues at another clients job.

Transparent Quoting Process

We provide a verbal quote upfront and get your agreement before we go ahead with the work for smaller jobs.

If your job is more extensive then we can and prefer to provide you with a written quote ahead of getting your agreement to start work.

In the event we find an issue and the scope of work becomes more extensive than originally planned we will contact you to advise on the required changes as early as we identify them. You approval will be sought before any additional work is completed.

Meet Banks Electrical Director – Adam Banks

Having been a life long problem solver, Adam found himself seeking a profession that would allow him to use his natural skills to help others.

He was drawn to the electrical industry and qualified as an Electrician in 2010. By 2012 he had founded Banks Electrical and has grown a team that proudly serves clients across the Perth metropolitan area and beyond.

Adam comes from a long line of business owners and has been inspired by his families success to be his own boss and lead a team of quality Electrical professionals.

He works long hours as a testament to his dedication to delivering a solution that his clients rave about. He loves AFL and family is incredibly important to him.

Adam has spent time travelling and at last count he has been to 86 different countries. When travelling Adam enjoyed meeting the local people and learning about the culture. His top 5 places to visit would be Siberia in Russia, Bergen in Norway, the whole of Egypt, Brazil's Southern Islands and parts of Croatia.